A democratic approach to business – easy, right?

The Statement on the Cooperative Identity defines a cooperative as an “autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.” On many dimensions, this organizational and legal structure is extremely compelling – but, as with any commercial enterprise, also fraught with risks to achieving the laudable objectives around which members have coalaesced. And, if that weren’t challenging enough, cooperatives also operate under unique legal and regulatory compliance regimes that must be constantly monitored and adhered, further complicating the challenge of maintaining a well-functioning democracy.  

Therefore, in order to maximize potential benefits of the cooperative structure, key stakeholders must be well-informed of both opportunity and risk, and able to effect decisions and change through governance and reporting structures that are efficient, appropriately representative and responsive.  Most importantly, this must be done efficiently so as to reduce administrative burden and cost, better enabling members to focus upon the core mission.

At Mobius One, we understand and believe strongly in supporting the cooperative movement and have developed cloud-based solutions uniquely tailored to address the enterprise risk management, assurance, vendor risk, incident and regulatory compliance management needs of the cooperative sector. So whether your cooperative is in the form of a credit union, an insurance mutual, or a producer, retail, utility, employee or housing cooperative —

Mobius One is here to help.

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Seamlessly integrating your cooperative’s planning, risk management, regulatory compliance and assurance processes

Ensuring that your Board, management team and members have the information needed to fulfill their roles within your cooperative venture.

The Mobius One Platform for Cooperatives

Fewer silos (except grain), greater efficiency

As in any business, there are risks to achieving a cooperative’s objectives.  As a cooperative grows in size, management of risk often devolves into inefficient silos.  We help you break down those silos by integrating and aligning processes and reporting:

– Set strategy and supporting objectives

– Identify, document and assess related risks

– Identify, document and assess key controls

– Monitor / catalog relevant regulations, document and monitor compliance

– Capture and analyze relevant incident data

– Drive responsive action – assurance, remediation, in-depth analysis

Perfectly-aligned to your processes, reducing the impact of change,

Our suite of integrated applications are aligned to industry standards and best practices including ISO 31000, COSO ERM, the Institute of Internal Auditors Professional Practice Framework, and more. 

That said, most cooperatives have adapted these and other standards to their organizations, with variations in governance structures, associated workflows, nomenclature and more.  And we believe that your process should drive your technology solutions, not the other way around.  That’s why we tailor every application to align with and support your organization’s processes and language. The result?  Users will find your Mobius One application to be familiar, intutive and easy to use – right out of the box.

A well-functioning democracy

In today’s fluid and complex business environment, the ability to make responsive, well-informed decisions is essential. Executive management and Board members, in particular, need clear concise information, presented in context, in order to execute on their fiduciary responsibilities for representing the interests of members.

With Mobius One, Board members, executives and members will have access to interactive, role-based reports – accessible anytime, anywhere.  Not to mention, the hours spent preparing reports for the board pack will be a thing of the past.

A not-so-small industry sector

More than 12% of humanity is part of any of the 3 million cooperatives in the world!

The Top 300 cooperatives and mutuals report a total revenues of 2.1 trillion USD, according to the World Co-operative Monitor (2017)

Cooperatives contribute to the sustainable economic growth and stable, quality employment, employing 280 million people across the globe, in other words, 10% of the world’s employed population.

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