At Mobius One, our mission is simple...

To help those that do good - to also do well.

How? By providing cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with key governance processes of the world’s non-profit and cooperative organizations, including: enterprise risk management; regulatory compliance management; internal audit; incident management; and, accreditation and/or certification management.

Why? Because they do amazing work, under extremely challenging conditions from which most organizations would simply walk away, but they don’t - they persevere. At the same time, they ensure that employees and/or volunteers are safe, that a myriad of laws and regulations are addressed and that the needs and expectations of key stakeholders are understood and met, including:  target communities, regulators, funders, members, employees, executives and the Board.

And they achieve all this with resources that are often stretched and/or funding that may be uncertain. Of course, technology can dramatically enhance efficiency, support collaboration and provide valuable information for decision-making. However, most organizations still rely on spreadsheets, email, shared drives and a bit of cat-herding to get things done.  If it sounds difficult, it is - with too much time distracted from achieving their core missions and impacts within the communities they serve. 

That's why we're motivated to support and enhance their success, each and every day.

Meet Your Objectives with Confidence, Achieve Desired Impacts, Drive Insight, Enhance Efficiency, Ensure Compliance, Reduce Costs…

Any one of these benefits could be compelling on its own. By leveraging Mobius One’s integrated suite of applications, NPOs and cooperative organizations can achieve all of the above – and more. But, don’t move too fast and boil the ocean. Instead, we suggest that you start slowly, first implementing the application from which your organization could benefit most. This approach will provide you with the experience, early wins and proven value to then expand into other areas.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

NPOs and cooperatives that proactively and effectively identify, assess and manage risks to achieving their objectives are much more likely to achieve them. At the same time, surprises are reduced, reputation and value are better protected, regulators are pleased, costs are lowered – and most importantly, desired community impacts are achieved.

If this proposition sounds simple and compelling – well, it is. However, successful design and execution of an ERM program is another matter. So, if your organization has gone down the rabbit hole of Excel-based Enterprise List Management, or is employing too many disparate, non-aligned apps and processes, don’t despair – we can help.

And although the process of designing and implementing an ERM program is sometimes referred to as a journey, we’d like to think that, in many cases, it can be accomplished through a relatively short, brisk walk.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulations are enacted by governments, in part, to help ensure proactive steps are taken to reduce the myriad of risks facing NPOs and cooperatives related to fraud, privacy, financial reporting, intellectual property, information security, health and safety, harassment, terrorism, money-laundering, third-party relationships – and the list goes on.

Not surprisingly, most organizations don’t have the capacity and/or capability to monitor and fully-address the fluid, complex and expanding breadth of regulations that may apply to them. However, if they don’t, there could be significant consequences for the organization – and management and the Board may end up liable. Is there an answer?

Yes – through Mobius One, you can: identify and “scope in” regulations that are relevant to your organization, mapping them to relevant locations, processes, functions, etc. Then, to help prioritize your compliance efforts, you can risk-assess each regulation and its impacts. Finally, you can map, assess and monitor related controls, policies, etc to help ensure that they address the obligation, reduce risk to an acceptable level, and are designed and operating as intended.

Incident Management

NPOs and cooperatives operate in environments that are inherently risky, fraught with the potential for related incidents to occur. No matter the controls that organizations put in place to counter risks and related incidents – things invariably happen. These incidents can span realms of security, health and safety, workplace harassment, fraud, etc. What matters most is how you capture an awareness of those incidents, manage them, and ultimately, learn and improve from the experience. With Mobius One, the full cycle of incident management is efficiently and effectively addressed.

As a result, incident impacts are minimized, resilience and learning are enhanced, while at the same time helping reduce potential liability exposures. This is achieved, in part, by providing a clear, demonstrable commitment to addressing potential legal and compliance requirements related to the incident. In addition, a robust and visible incident management approach provides increased comfort to key stakeholders, including members, employees, volunteers, government regulators, and more.

Accreditation or Certification Program Readiness and Management

Proper governance helps ensure that risks that may negatively impact the objectives and/or value of an NPO or cooperative are addressed in a fashion that is consistent with a defined framework of appropriate, standardized industry practices. These frameworks may address risk at organizational and/or process levels.

Once defined, these frameworks serve as a consistent, relevant and objective mechanism through which organizations and/or accreditation bodies and related auditing mechanisms can assess the alignment of an organization to relevant standards. This approach provides organizations and  stakeholders with an efficient, effective mechanism for gaining comfort that they comply with the standards, helping to enhance the reputation and stature of the organization while also enhancing trust and confidence.

Pay for Success (PFS) & Social Impact Bond (SIB) Program Management

These new funding and delivery mechanisms hold great promise for both enhancing availability of longer-term financing AND achieving desired impacts. However, the associated complexities, costs and risks across the broad group of involved stakeholders can  reduce the chances of successfully launching and delivering a program and, most importantly, achieving target outcomes and impacts.

Fortunately, we can help – driving greatly enhanced collaboration, efficiency, consistency, monitoring and reporting across the entire lifecycle, enabling stakeholders to focus upon the task at hand – namely, achieving desired impacts within the target community by fully leveraging the unique talents, resources and strengths that each participant brings to the table.  

Internal Audit

Internal audit is uniquely positioned to help ensure that an organization has identified, assessed and is properly managing the key risks to achieving its objectives.  They do so by providing independent, objective assurance that the key controls upon which management relies to manage key risks are designed and operating effectively.  In brief, they help serve as the eyes and ears of the audit committee.

With Mobius One, internal audit functions can seamlessely leverage ERM and other application outputs to help the organization build a comprehensive and aligned assurance strategy, ensuring that key risks are addressed within the internal audit plan.  This allows internal audit’s resources to be focused upon the “risks that matter”.  Then, as audit projects are executed, reports written, and findings and recommendations delivered, the audit commitee and others can draw a clear line from these all the way back to risks and objectives that may be impacted.  

The Mobius ONE Platform

Our cloud-based platform means that you can be up and running in no time at all. And when it comes to security, we’ve got you covered. Our applications are hosted with Amazon Web Services, with your data residing wherever you need it to be. Further, the platform itself is SOC2, Type 2 certified, meaning you can rest easy knowing that leading-edge security principles and controls are in place.  And did we mention that the management team and your Board will love the simple yet powerful, real-time, web-based reports that bring it all together?

Say goodbye to inefficient silos, say hello to integration and alignment

With the Mobius ONE platform, you can literally and figuratively connect the dots between your organization’s strategic objectives, target measures/impacts, risks, processes, controls, performance indicators, locations, incidents, assurance activity, and more – for any point in time.

This allows information to be leveraged and shared across the organization, increasing collaboration across prior silos. For management and the Board, the dream of aligning strategy, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, assurance, incident management and reslilience is finally made real.  Let us show you how.

Robust, configurable workflows that align to your organization’s processes

Your processes should drive your technology – not the other way around. We’ll get you up and running quickly with application accelerators that align to industry best practices and standards. We’ll then tailor your application to align with your organization’s unique processes, nomenclature, etc.

As a result, first-time users will intuitively navigate through the software, given that much of it will be familiar, enhancing the user experience and dramatically reducing the impact of change. Even better, as your processes change and mature, your software will readily adapt – every step of the way.

Real-time reporting and monitoring – simple, but not simplistic

At the end of the day, what matters most is whether and how your data can be represented to improve oversight, analysis, insight and decision-making.  And, if the reports can be generated in real-time, and then filtered on an ad-hoc basis – even better! 

With the Mobius ONE platform, you can choose from an array of powerful, in-app reporting options that can be uniquely-tailored to the needs of the user, according to their role.  If needed, reports can be also exported to Excel or pdf.  Or, export and point your favourite BI tool at the data of interest – the choice is yours.

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