At Mobius One, our mission is simple...

To help those that do good - to also do well.

How?  By providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with executing the enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance management, internal control, internal audit, security and incident management processes of the world’s non-profit and cooperative organizations. 

Why? Because they do amazing work, under extremely challenging conditions from which most organizations would simply walk away, but they don’t - they persevere.  At the same time, they ensure that employees and/or volunteers are safe, that a myriad of laws and regulations are addressed and that the needs and expectations of clients, members, funders and/or donors, employees, executives, Board members and regulators are clearly understood and met. 

And they achieve all this with resources that are often stretched and/or funding that may be uncertain.  Of course, technology can dramatically enhance efficiency, support collaboration and provide valuable information for decision-making.  However, most organizations still rely on spreadsheets, email, shared drives and a bit of cat-herding to get things done. 

If it sounds difficult, it is.  That's why we're motivated to support and enhance their success, each and every day. 

Credit Unions

Although the economy is generally strong, we are now entering a period of near-record household debt, combined with increasing interest rates. This may increase pressures and risks related to securitization, credit and liquidity, among others.

At the same time, operational risks are increasing, especially within IT, and regulators are becoming all the more diligent and increasing their expectations around enterprise risk management, internal capital adequacy assessment processes (ICAAP), etc.

Also, to properly execute their fiduciary responsibility for risk management oversight – your Board needs a simple yet powerful way of validating that key risks are identified, assessed, properly managed and monitored. Managing all this through spreadsheets and/or disparate applications is becoming untenable, especially if desiring to capture and share the knowledge across the organization, now and into the future.

With Mobius One, you’ll dramatically enhance the alignment and efficiency of your risk management, ICAAP, assurance and compliance processes, all the while decreasing costs and enhancing insight.

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Tertiary Education

As in many sectors, risk, assurance and compliance activities within tertiary education tend to be quite siloed. At the provincial level, ministries are recognizing and promoting the benefits of better aligning and integrating these activities – but progress is understandably slow.

Historically, risk management had focused upon addressing risks associated with physical assets and insurable risk, in particular. Spurred by both government and Board level feedback, institutions are beginning to take a more holistic, integrated approach to risk management and assurance activities, in particular. In addition, the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff is of increasing focus and collaboration across risk, HR, internal audit and security functions.

Starting in early 2019, and working with leading universities across Canada, Mobius One is launching an initiative to develop a blueprint for the future of risk and assurance within the university sector. The results will then inform how we further adapt our platform to the resulting vision and supporting processes.


Quality, risk and incident management practices are mature, embedded components of Canada’s healthcare delivery systems, in both clinical and non-clinical domains.  Although robust systems are typically in place to capture, track and monitor relevant risk and incident data, the ability to effectively share information and collaborate with entity-level risk management and internal audit functions is often limited.  This is where Mobius One is poised to make a difference.

We’re building an advisory group of leading healthcare providers and advisory firms to better understand and address risk and assurance challenges and opportunities spanning various areas, including Acute Care Facilities, Chronic Care and Rehabilitation Facilities, Community Health Centers, Homecare Agencies, Mental Health Facilities and Nursing Homes.  

If your organization would like to participate, please feel free reach out.  Participants will gain valuable insights through collaboration with peers, as well as exclusive launch client pricing.

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