Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Embrace Risk.  Thrill in the Rewards.

Whenever a foundation, nonprofit organization or cooperative takes action, there is risk involved.   When these actions involve: setting the organization’s core strategy; leveraging significant funder, member or investor capital; or, embarking on inherently high-risk activities, including those that may have signficiant financial and/or reputational impacts, the proactive identification, assessment, management, monitoring and planning for resilience, relative to those risks, becomes an essential activity.  If your organization has already embarked on the ERM journey, but is mired in using Excel, it’s time for a change.  And if your organization hasn’t yet started the ERM journey, it’s time to get started.


Why ERM?

Because you have to – Within large and growing segments of both the public and private sectors, ERM is required through regulatory mandate.   We can help your organization take ERM from a check-the-box compliance exercise, to a core competency that is embraced for its ability to help ensure objectives are achieved, while also protecting and enhancing value.

Because you want to (or your Board demands it) – Managing risk well means that you’re more likely to achieve your objectives.  That’s why everyone, from the front line on up to the Board, embrace ERM as a effective means for ensuring that the mission, at all levels, is accomplished.  And with directors and officers accountable and potentially liable should certain risks eventuate, they can and should demand that ERM become a core competency. 


We’ve produced a risk register and a heat map – that’s ERM, right?

Unfortunately, in many organizations, the answer is – yes.  That’s because they spend an inordinate amount of time documenting and assessing risks in Excel.  They then spend even more time, painfully aggregating and reporting data up to management and the board.  This typically leaves little to no time for analysis or driving appropriate, responsive action – which is the primary reason for doing a risk assessment in the first place.  We call this all-too-typical approach – Enterprise List Management.  


From Enterprise List Management to Enterprise Risk Management

Our clients delight in “recapturing vast amounts of time”.  In fact, most are able to reduce the risk assessment activity from weeks to hours.  Better yet, they can then visualize their risk data to readily determine and drive appropriate responsive actions across the key risks that may impact achievement of objectives.  

Connect the dots between your organization’s objectives, risks, compliance obligations, key controls and assurance strategy.

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The Mobius ONE Platform

You are in the business of providing risk capital.  We are in the business of providing secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based software that helps ensure that key risks are identified, assessed, managed and monitored across your funding, delivery and feedback cycles.   The result?  Monies are more effectively channeled, risks are anticipated and addressed early and, most importantly, desired impacts are achieved with greater efficiency and at lower cost.

Integrated planning and governance = improved outcomes and lower risk

Set and communicate a clear strategy and supporting objectives
Identify, document and assess the key risks to achieving objectives and desired impacts
Identify, document and assess the key controls upon which you rely to manage the risk and/or reduce potnetial impacts
Take appropriate, responsive action – assurance, monitoring, remediation
Monitor and report

Providing a clear line-of-sight 

Our application enables a top-down approach to scoping in relevant lines of business, risk ranking relevant regulations and then documenting and testing related controls. Curated content, aligned to your lines of business, includes the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, , FATCA, Employment Standards Act, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, AML/ATF legislation, and more.

Thinking of going federal? We can help there, too.

An assurance strategy, based upon the key risks facing your organization

The combined risk insights of the organization can now serve as a foundation for a comprehensive and aligned assurance strategy.  Better inform your internal audit plan and gain confidence that your organization’s assurance coverage is both comprehensive and efficient.

Let us help you move the needle

You and your grantees are in this together – to help make a difference.  Our platform will enable you to have the conversations (and data) to proactively address risks and achieve desired impacts.

Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell

Percentage of funders that did not ask potential grantees about possible risks to the project during the application process.

Source: Open Road Alliance Survey

an uncomfortable discussion?

Percentage of grantees that reported feeling comfortable discussing possible contingencies — i.e., risks — during the grant application process, and the comfort level dropped to only 52 percent after an award was made.


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